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Award nominated composer, Vivian Khor brings ingenuity and imagination to her music tracks and compositions.

Born to a family, where her mother was an ardent opera singer, graduating from Guildhall Music School London and training dozens of pop singers and choir, and a father who was a mathematician, Vivian grew up listening to Broadway musicals, classical opera, pop, jazz and World music. Before she walked, her father taught her to play the piano by ear. At age 6-7, she studied piano and ballet, some violin, strummed the guitar, played the organ, and in her teenage years, conducted and directed a choir and acted in plays. She fell into composing and studied at Cal State Fullerton, CA, and Film Scoring at UCLA extension. Her brother is an accomplished pianist, graduating in music performance from University of Manchester, UK. 

Working through her adult years, she composed and produced 3 instrumental albums and 1 pop single, "Restful Moments, "Paradise," "Starlight Serenade," and "Can't Wait." All three albums charted and were played on National Public Radio, Sirius Digital, and licensed to TV and film. Along the way, she has helped artists and composers on their musical journey.


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